• PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals

    Ferron is a fast growing pharmaceutical company. Started operation in 2001, it took us only five years to become one of the 20 largest pharmaceutical operations in Indonesia.

  • Quality

    We recognize that it takes more than just quality materials to produce quality products. Quality products begin with quality people and quality processes.

  • Technology

    Be Grateful, Be Dedicated and Serve

  • High Quality Work Force

    People are our core asset. In the marketplace, we rely on our field force for business development, and we give them the opportunity to work independently

  • Facilities

Product Highlight

Most of our products are prescription medicines and promoted directly to medical practitioners and hospitals.

Antibiotik untuk infeksi sedang hingga berat.

Antibiotik oral pilihan untuk mengatasi jerawat.

Antioksidan kombinasi yang bekerja sinergis.

Suplemen kesehatan untuk memperbaiki kadar protein.

Nutrisi otak dan pemenuhan gizi bayi dan anak.

Solusi ideal untuk atasi mual dan muntah.

Antasida yang memiliki lama kerja yang panjang dan risiko rebound lebih minimum.

Anti nyeri lambung dengan aksi lebih cepat atasi pendarahan di lambung.

Latest News

PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals carries out initial exports to Poland, after exports to the United Kingdom in 2008 and the Netherlands in 2018.

PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals won prestigious awards from Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, namely "Karya Anak Bangsa" Award on category Pharmacy and Medical Devices. The award is given to institutions that have contributed to the development of the health sector.



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Ferron Par Pharmaceutical