• PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals

    Ferron is a fast growing pharmaceutical company. Started operation in 2001, it took us only five years to become one of the 20 largest pharmaceutical operations in Indonesia.

  • Quality

    We recognize that it takes more than just quality materials to produce quality products. Quality products begin with quality people and quality processes.

  • Technology

    With the group's 40 years experience, an extensive API sourcing network and an EU and TGA approved facility, Ferron Pharma is able to leverage its capability to collaborate with partners in the worldwide markets.

  • High Quality Work Force

    People are our core asset. In the marketplace, we rely on our field force for business development, and we give them the opportunity to work independently

  • Facilities

    Our Facility is well equipped with high quality machineries, modem laboratory equipments as well as ample warehouse space. More than one billion tablets annually can be delivered.

Product Highlight

Most of our products are prescription medicines and promoted directly to medical practitioners and hospitals.

For Healthcare Professional Only


Tiga jenis vitamin C dan alpha hydroxy acid untuk kulit tampak lebih muda.

Infections due to sensitive organisms eg septicaemia.

BIOBRAN is an arabinoxylan, natural food supplement produced from rice bran.

Resp tract, intra-abdominal & skin infections. Osteomyelitis.

Suplemen yang berguna untuk penderita diabetes mellitus.

Ofloxacin 0.3%

Eye Drops 5ml

Reduction of intraocular pressure in open-angle glaucoma & ocular HTN.

Latest News

Dehydration or lack of fluids in the body can go unnoticed due to being too long in the air-conditioned room. If not immediately treated, the condition can increase the risk of kidney disease.

Parents need to recognize the signs of cancer since early childhood. Hopefully, if parents found it, they will be alerted and bring their children to the doctor. If it treated as soon as posible, cancer therapy in children is easier and would likely be succeed.


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Ferron Par Pharmaceutical