Drug Identification for Skin Cancer “Biotherapies”

Melanoma is one of the forms of very aggressive skin cancer. This kind of cancer affect cells ability to do the pigmentation of the skin.

The discoveries of new drugs that are far more effective and personal to treat cancer becomes challenges for the researchers. One of these challenges is discovered by a team of researcher from the National Institute de la santé et de la recherche Médicale.

These researchers developed a new drug that is able to treat melanoma or skin cancer. The research that is related to the new drug developed by Stephanie Rocchi, a scientist from inserm molecular medicine center was published in the Cancer Cell journal.

This newly developed drug was synthesized and was a modification of a drug that is known as type two diabetes drug. This drug is used to decrease the melanoma cells without being poisonous to normal cells.

Melanoma is one form of skin cancer that is very aggressive. This type of cancer affects the ability of melanosi cells or the type of cells that are responsible to do the melanin synthesis and to give the pigmentation of the skin.

The melanoma cases are continue to increase due to the lack of public knowledge about the dangers of the sun so these conditions are now widely found. Melanoma could appear in a normal skin and started from a mole or other area in the skin that experiencing physical changes.

It is discovered that melanoma is related to mole in the human body and that almost every person has a colored mole. There are three therapies that are given exactly to cancer cells without damaging other healthy cells.

This therapy gave a good news to the cancer patients. The stage of tumor development from radial growth. Cells are bred regularly in the epidermis, vertical growth phase, involving dermical invasion, and at the end the metastatic stage, according to the spread of cancer cells in the peripheral tissue.

Quoted from Science Daily, Stephane Rocchi, that is involved in this research said that she has been doing research for years to synthesize new drug and develop it to become a drug to treat melanoma. These past years, a series of therapies have been given to cancer patients, including in the melanoma cases such as target therapy or immunotherapy.

These therapies were given exactly to cancer cells without damaging other healthy cells. Nevertheless, patients still need medication from tiazol Benzensulfonamides (TZB) drugs. This kind of drugs have the anticancer properties and are useful for anticancer.

"At first, this drug type identified on type 2 diabetes, because it increases cell's sensitivity towards insulin. If we want to use it to fight cancer, we have to eliminate the proinsulin activity," said Stephane Rocchi as quoted from science daily.

New drug identification in the treatment of cancer, especially melanoma, is an evitable element to create an effective biotherapies that is able to fight this cancer.

After studied, the initial TZD structure has been vastly modified due to years of collaboration with Dr. Benhida team from the Nice Institute of Chemistry until this collaboration produce a result to gain a formulation which then called "lead compounds".

Source: KORAN-JAKARTA.COM, Tuesday 14 February 2017 | 01:00 WIB

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Monday, February 27, 2017 - 14:15