Ferron Supports Doctor-Patients Communication in Palliatiave Cancer Care

PT Ferron Par Pharmaceutical in collaboration with Indonesian Society Hematology Medical Oncology (ISHMO) or known as PERHOMPEDIN hosted a talk show for the cancer survivors with theme of "Doctor-Patients Communication in Palliatiave Cancer Care" at Borobudur Hotel, Friday, August 24, 2018.

The event is filled by competent speakers, dr. Nadia Ayu Mulansari, Sp.PD-KHOM, FINASIM of PERHOMPEDIN; dr. Adiyawati Ganggaiswari M.Biomed from Yayasan Kanker Indonesia (YKI); Dr. Maria Witjaksono, A Palliative doctor and Aryanthi Baramuli a politician who also as a cancer survivor from cancer community Cancer Information and Support Center (CISC ), Kanker Indonesia (YKI), and Multiple Myeloma Indonesia (MMI).

Increasing amount of cancer patients in the world, the treatments still continues, no exception for Palliative care. Palliative care is a treatment that not popular yet. Palliative means reducing the severity without removing the cause. In other words, a way to reduce suffering.

Chairman of YKI, Prof. Dr. Dr. Aru Sudoyo, SpPD, KHOM, FACP explained, palliative care has now become an integral part of therapeutic treatment for patients who has a non-contagious diseases like cancer. Palliative care helps a cancer patient to live more comfortable.

"It's a humane and human rights for patients that difficults to healed or already at an advanced stage, so we expected they will have a better quality of life." Said dr. Aru.

He also explained that the introduction of palliative care is important to be introduced first for health care and patient care officer. Also includes the patient's family.

''Palliative care improve the quality of patients' life, also for families and relatives that involved with the disease. Because it can encourage the physical, psychosocial, or spiritual, '' said dr Aru.

At the next stage dr. Adityawati said that other treatment of palliative care is called Hospice (Hospice) can be a good choice. "Hospice is a palliative care and supportive services that already arranged; prepared at home or in the hospital; provide physical care, psychological, social and spiritual for dying patients and their families, "said Adityawati.

The program's goals is not always about how to cure the disease, but how to control the pain, other symptoms, and give a positive vibes on patient's psychological. In this case, the family and relatives are the important key of this method. This method will make the atmosphere was like being in a house or another patient's favorite scenery. But if needed, the patient can also do the treatment at home to reduce depression.

Hospice program is a kind treatment that involved family. To be able to do this program, families will be given training first to patient treatment. Palliative Physician Dr. Maria A Witjaksono said palliative care is important because there are no patients allowed to suffer.

"We communicate and organize like symptoms. The management of symptoms is very important, such as pain, how palliative care reduce the pain while patients waiting for cancer therapy. Palliative care was not only for patients who already at an advanced stage. There are many patients scared when heard about palliative care because its connotation about not able to recover or death is imminent, '' she said at length.

All teams that deployed for hospice care is expected to reduce the suffering. Corporate Communications Ferron Par Pharmaceutical

Date Release: 
Wednesday, August 29, 2018 - 10:00