Ferron Supports For Lymphoma Cancer Patients and Survivors

PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals in collaboration with the Cancer Information and Support Center (CISC) Indonesia held a Memorial Day of World Lymphoma Cancer theme "Life SMART with Lymphoma". World Lymphoma Cancer Day that annually on September 15  become a moment to encourage lymphoma patients to struggle to get a longer survival.
The event was held on Saturday, September 15th, 2018 at the Hotel IBIS Menteng, Central Jakarta, and attended by President Director of PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Krestijanto Pandji and Head Of Corporate Communications Dexa Group, Mr. Sonny Himawan. Also attended a speaker, dr. Ronald A. Hukom, Sp.PD, KHOM (Association of Medical Oncology Hematology internal medicine in Indonesia - Perhompedin), Mr. Suparnili Sarim (Lymphoma Cancer Survivor), and Mrs. Aryanthi Baramuli Putri (Chairman of CISC Indonesia).
According to the Data and Information Center of the Ministry of Health, about 1,000 people every day in the world, was diagnosed with lymphoma. While in Indonesia, taken from the data Globocan 2018, as many as 35 490 people are diagnosed with lymphoma in the last five years and 7565 people died. In 2018, new cases of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma was reached 14 164 people and had a prevalence of 4.57%.
Currently, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma was ranked on 7th cancer in Indonesia, under the breast, cervix, lung, colon, prostate, ovarian, liver and nasopharynx. "The high of mortality rate caused by low detection, so the handling was already at the advanced stage. It make worse when some patients do not want to go to doctor and prefer choose a treatment through the alternative pathway. "said Dr. Ronald.
Ronald also explained, lymphoma is a general term for various types of blood cancers that arise in the lymphatic system, which causes enlargement of lymph nodes. Lymphoma is caused by changes in the cells of B or T lymphocytes, the white blood cells in normal or healthy functioning keep the immune system and ward off many types of infections. In the case of lymphoma, these B cells or T divide more rapidly, uncontrollably, and live longer than usual.
There are several types of lymphoma, with two major categories, namely Hodgkin lymphoma (10%) and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (90%). With appropriate medical treatment and as early as possible, many patients with lymphoma who were able to keep their disease under control and have a good quality of life, even cured.
JKN / BPJS program since 2014 had a very good purpose. Unfortunately, the facts on fields is sometimes not same as hope is. According Aryanthi Baramuli Putri, founder CISC Indonesia, BPJS very helpfull indeed to help the patient with treatment of cancer but still need a lot of improvements, so the cancer treatment services will become even better.
"For example, on a tiered referral and renewal every 3 months should not be applied to cancer patients. It's all intended for cost efficiency, both for the government or BPJS and also for the patients themselves, "said Aryanthi.
Another problem is lymphoma medicines that still felt quite expensive, and not all included in the BPJS guarantee. Although paid by BPJS, there still a long procedure which must be done by cancer patients. The limited facility at hospital also make them must wait in queue list for action, even up to several months.

Therefore, in commemoration day with lymphatic cancer (lymphoma) that always held by CISC since a few years ago is expected to provide information as possible, not only for patients with lymphoma, but also to the general public about the symptoms that must be wary. So when the lymphoma can detected earlier, it can heal higher.
"For this year, CISC in collaboration with PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals expected for people to get the right information about the symptoms, risks, and how the right treatment. Where the media is at the forefront from how the information can be accepted by society, "said Aryanthi.

"Because of the symptoms are not typical alias sketchy on lymphoma, it is necessary to have information that related to the symptoms and the importance of early examination," explains Aryanthi. Besides that, because of the disease attacks immune system, it should be noted how the prevention by maintaining a lifestyle like a healthy diet, not smoking, and physical activity.
Ferron Support for Lymphoma
One of problems with lymphoma patience is about the price of medicines that very expensive. PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals as one marketer of cancer drugs for lymphoma  has been producing bendamustin drug development results, namely Fonkomustin.
"This is manufactured by PT Fonko International Pharamceuticals parts of Dexa Group, developed by scientists from Indonesia. This product is intended for people with lymphoma and not sale in Indonesia before manufacture by Fonko. We hope that lymphoma patients can easily get in Indonesia also with affordable because the manufactured is in our country. With this we hope people with lymphoma receive a better quality of life with bendamustin-rituximab, than standard chemotherapy who have more side effects, "explains Mr. Sharps.
Bendamustin which produced since 2014 and launched in early 2018 is produced with  European standards quality and currently being processed income to national formulary so it can be used immediately by the patient BPJS. The product currently used for lymphoma patients and recommended in Dharmais Cancer Hospital. Corporate Communications Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals

Date Release: 
Tuesday, September 18, 2018 - 16:45