PT Ferron PAR PharmaCeuticals Receives GMP Certification from UK-MHRA


On March 13, 2008 PT Ferron PAR PharmaCeuticals received GMP certification from the UK-MHRA (United Kingdom Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency). UK-MHRA is the agency responsible for monitoring safety, quality and effectiveness of drugs marketed in the UK (UK-United Kingdom). Certification of 'Good Manufacturing Pratices' (GMP) in pharmaceutical companies give to have gone through stringent inspection standards of UK-GMP. Pharmaceutical companies that have received GMP certification from the UK-this, is eligible to produce and market its products and distribute it in the United Kingdom (UK) and the countries of the European Fellowship (EU).

Many companies in Indonesia have been certified by the TGA (Australia), HSA (Singapore), and PMDA (Japan). But PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals is the FIRST company that is certified by the UK-MHRA.

Congratulations to PT Ferron PAR PharmaCeuticals