ISO 9001:2008
ISO 9001:2008 is an international standard for quality management systems / quality. ISO 9001:2008 establishes requirements - requirements and recommendations for the design and assessment of a quality management system. ISO 9001:2008 is only a quality management system standard. But, however it is expected that products resulting from an international quality management system, will be of good quality (standard).
It can be concluded that the Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2008) is A documented procedure and practice - a standard practice for system management, which aims to ensure the suitability of a process and product (goods or services) to particular needs or requirements, which requirements or requirements determined that certain or specified by the customer and the organization.
UK-MHRA | Certificate of GMP Compliance of a manufacturer
UK-MHRA is the agency responsible for monitoring safety, quality and effectiveness of drugs marketed in the UK (UK-United Kingdom). Certification of 'Good Manufacturing Pratices' (GMP) is given on the pharmaceutical companies that have gone through stringent inspection standards of UK-GMP. Pharmaceutical companies that have received GMP certification from the UK-this, is eligible to produce and market its products and distribute it in the United Kingdom (UK) and the countries of the European Fellowship (EU).
PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company Indonesia FIRST certified by UK-MHRA.
TGA-Australia | GMP Certificate
The TGA carries out a range of assessment and monitoring activities to ensure therapeutic goods available in Australia are of an acceptable standard with the aim of ensuring that the Australian community has access, within a reasonable time, to therapeutic advances.