Our plant is located at Jababeka Industrial Estate, Cikarang, West Java, approximately 50 km East of Jakarta. Built to meet the evolving Good Manufacturing Practices standards, our building houses a warehouse, several production lines, laboratories and utilities. The production lines occupy the first and second floors, each with a completely separate, full-height technical area. Our R&D and Quality Laboratories occupy the third floor of the building. Our spacious warehouse is 12 m high from floor to ceiling, with enough capacity to accommodate more than 4000 pallets.

Our facilities have the capability to produce different dosage forms including solids (tablets, coated tablets and capsules), liquids (oral syrups), semi solids (cream, gel, ointment and suppositories) and sterile solutions (injectable in ampoules and vials as well as eye drops).

Air handling and water circulation systems are two of the most important components of every pharmaceutical facility. We maintain strict control on air circulation, room pressurization as well as cleanliness zoning. Our water purification goes through four stages, resulting in pharmaceutical Purified Water (PW) and Water for Injection (WFI). The quality of our air and water are controlled to comply with stringent regulatory standards.

With the group's 40 years experience, an extensive API sourcing network and an EU and TGA approved facility, Ferron Pharma is able to leverage its capability to collaborate with partners in the worldwide markets. We are open for various possible arrangements such as :
-  Contract manufacturing of an existing dossier
   (with existing or new API source)
-  Generic dosage from development and manufacturing

Currently, the factory has 5 production lines than can produce various dosage forms ranging from tablets, capsules, oral syrups, creams, ointments, suppositories and sterile solutions. A new high standars sterile line has been in operational since 2009 to produce sterile solutions in glass bottles as well as the more esoteric lyophilized injectables.

The Facility is well equipped with high quality machineries, modem laboratory equipments as well as ample warehouse space. More than one billion tablets annually can be delivered