For Healthcare Professional Only

Cefotiam - Vial 1gr

Infections due to sensitive organisms eg septicaemia, secondary infections on surgical or burn wound, SC abscess, carbuncle, furuncle, furunculosis; osteomyelitis, suppurative arthritis; tonsillitis, bronchitis, bronchiectasis with infection & pneumonia; pulmonary suppurative & pyothorax; cholangitis & cholecystitis; peritonitis; pyelonephritis, cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis; meningitis; intrauterine infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, parametritis, adnexitis, bartholinitis; otitis media & sinusitis.

Adult 0.5-2 g IM/IV 2-4 times daily. Septicaemia dosage may be increased to 4 g daily. Childn 40-80 mg/kg body wt IV 3-4 times daily. Severe infection (eg septicaemia & meningitis) dosage may be increased to 160 mg/kg body wt.


Special precautions:
Pregnancy & lactation, children.

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