Development Service

Supported by a development team of more than 90 talented and competent people, Ferron offers integrated product development and manufacturing services. We develop various dosage forms ranging from tablets, capsules, oral syrups, sterile solutions, and lyophilized injectables.

The complete product development activities performed typically covers:

•  Formulation and Manufacturing Process Development
•  Process Scale Up, Technology Transfer and Validation
•  Analytical Method Development and Validation
•  Packaging Development, Stability Studies, and CTD dossier preparation

On top of the conventional dosage form development, our competencies include the following technology platforms:

DEXSPHERE Multiparticulate System
This technology involves formulating two or more active substances into spherical particles (pellets) with different release proiles. The resulted pellets are then Capsulated by a multiple pellet dosing mechanism.This technology is suitable for various modified release application such as extended and delayed release. Dexsphere system also offers solution when two or more active substances are incompatible.

Dextric System is designed to modify the release by incorporating active substances into controlled release matrix which typically consists of one or more polymers. The resulted tablets are then coated to enhance the release, protect stability, or for other purposes. Our system is applicable for either water soluble or water insoluble active substances.

D-FLOAT Gastro Retentive System
D-Float gives your product the ability to remain buoyant in the stomach for a period of time. The active substance is gradually released and dissolved in the gastric fluid. This platform is useful to prolong gastric residence time, therefore gives better absorption of active substance. This is suitable when the active’s absorption is in specific region or when it is easily degraded in the intestine.

FASTAB Taste Masking Technology
Fastab enables to mask the unpleasant taste of particular substances typically used for sublingual or fast dissolving tablet application. This is very suitable for people having difficulties to take bitter taste conventional formulations and for those having difficulties to swallow regular tablets.

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